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        10/14/07                                        NEW SHOPPING CART OPEN
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        04/04/06                                       SIRENS GOES INTERNATIONAL
                                                              With the current issue, Sirens of Cinema has gone International. The magazine will now be
                                                               available over seas in places such as the UK, Europe, Asia, Puerto Rico and Grand Cayman.
                                                               The response has been tremendous and we only expect to get bigger and better as bring
                                                               more exciting things to the magazine. Make sure to follow along as we have some very cool
                                                               stuff coming your way soon.

        03/09/06                                       BIGGER, BOLDER AND BETTER THAN EVER
 The next issue is complete and is on its way out to stores now. The new layout makes this
                                                               issue really stand out. Once again its jam packed with juicy interviews and articles on the
                                                               women we all want to know about. We've got some very cool things coming your way soon
                                                               as we continue to shape this magazine into the best one of its kind. We hope you enjoy the
                                                               new issue and we hope to bring you some things in the very near future that will make Sirens
                                                               the leader of the pack.

       01/24/06                                       SIRENS OF CINEMA IS EXPLODING ON THE SCENE
With the December issue in stores and tremendous feedback for it already pouring in, we here
                                                               at Sirens are very excited about the future. Work has already begun on the next issue and new
                                                               things for the Sirens universe are in the works. How would you like to see a Sirens of Cinema
                                                               Trading Card set of your favorite Scream Queens as well as up and coming actresses on the
                                                               scene? How about the ability to log into our Chat Room and talk LIVE with some of the
                                                               beautiful women we have gracing our pages? How about the chance to come out to our
                                                               Halloween Film Festival and meet those lovely ladies in person? All of these things and more
                                                               are on the slab here at Sirens as we intend to bring you a magazine that the readers can
                                                               interact and enjoy their favorite stars like no other magazine can. So buckle up and enjoy the

       11/10/05                                       VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2 ON THE HORIZON
 The next issue of Sirens is almost complete and will be in stores before Christmas. The
                                                               cover of the next issue is a special wrap around cover that is a tribute to the King Kong films.
                                                               The new Kong, set to be unleashed on us via Oscar Winner Peter Jackson, lights up the front.
                                                               A mock issue of Sirens with the lovely Fay Wray on the cover flutters in front of his face. The back
                                                               of the magazine displays the New York skyline from the Dino DeLaurentis version. Many other
                                                               images help bring this entire cover to life. It is something you will want to see for yourself. I am
                                                               huge fan of King Kong and am very much looking forward to the newest version. Our new issue
                                                               contains an article on Fay Wray and a piece on the three ladies that have taken on the lead
                                                               role opposite Kong. Also look for articles on the lovely ladies of the film Serenity, the upcoming 
                                                               fantasy film Mirror Mask, the beautiful Glori-Anne Gilbert and so much more. Look for it next
                                                               month as we continue to transform Sirens of Cinema into the publication you've always wanted.

       11/03/05                                       SIRENS OF CINEMA AT GENGHIS CON                             
Rick Danford, the Editor in Chief of Sirens of Cinema, will be a Special Guest of the Genghis
                                                               Con Film Festival and Convention. The event will be held the weekend of November 18 - 20.
                                                               They have a great lineup of Special Guests slated to be in attendance. There will be dealers
                                                               tables and horror films to rock the weekend. Check out the Official Web Site for more details
                                                               and make sure to say hi to Rick if you can make it out.

       10/22/05                                       SIRENS BACK ON THE STANDS
The re-vamped Sirens of Cinema is now back on newsstands and bookstore shelves after a
                                                               short hiatus. The new version of the magazine created by RAK Media was unveiled at the
Halloween Horror Picture Show 2005 in Tampa last weekend. The cover girls of the new issue
                                                               were on hand to sign copies for the fans in attendance. Big things are on the way for Sirens in
                                                               the future and we hope you all enjoy the ride. The next issue is nearing completion and should
                                                               be available by the end of the year. Check back here for all the latest and greatest news.

       08/28/05                                       SIRENS RE-LAUNCH IS ON THE RADAR
The first issue of the new regime at SOC is off to the printers and ready for a late September
                                                               release. The new issue will be labeled
Volume #2 Issue #1 signifying a new beginning for
                                                               the magazine. This huge 60 plus page issue will get Sirens  back into circulation and get us
                                                               on the road to bringing you a magazine you can all be proud of. The cover is an original print
                                                               created by world famous comic artist Dave Nestler. It features the four lovely ladies we have on
                                                               tap to appear at our
Halloween Horror Picture Show 2005 in October. We also plan on having
                                                               the magazine on sale at the fest so attendees can get the featured stars to sign the cover if
                                                               they'd like. Make sure to check with your local bookstores to see if they will be carrying Sirens.
                                                               If not, make sure you let your voice be heard so they will consider it in the future.

        08/06/05                                       SIRENS SPONSORS HORROR FILM FEST
Sirens of Cinema magazine is sponsoring the Halloween Horror Picture Show 2005 that is set
                                                               for October 15th in Tampa Florida. Our Scream Queen Cover Girls Brinke Stevens, Denice Duff,
                                                               Debbie Rochon and Amy Lynn Best from the September issue of Sirens will be on hand. Heidi
                                                               Martinuzzi of The Horror Post, Pretty Scary and the pages of Sirens will also make an
                                                               appearance.  Some of the very best Feature length and Short Horror films will be on display at
                                                               the event as well as many giveaways and vendors to make you blood thirsty Horror fans happy.

        07/04/05                                       SEDUCTION CINEMA DVD GIVEAWAYS:
The good people at Seduction Cinema have decided to help us welcome back Sirens of
                                                               Cinema by giving away some DVDs. They have been nice enough to donate some upcoming
                                                               new releases for us to give away here on the site. We have created a CONTEST PAGE
                                                               where you can visit to find out how you can win your free DVDs. Make sure to check back
                                                               often as we have a whole lot of stuff to give away.

        05/15/05                                       NEW ISSUE NEWS:   
We're hard at work on the next issue of SIRENS slated for a September street date. This
                                                               issue will represent the beginning of a new era for SIRENS OF CINEMA. Our next issue
                                                               will be Volume #2 Issue #1 to help kick off the new SIRENS. This issue will also kick off
                                                               promotions for the upcoming
Halloween Horror Picture Show 2005 slated for October
                                                               in Tampa, Florida by providing interviews with some of the fabulous genre stars slated to
                                                               appear. More details will follow soon so stay tuned. 

        05/10/05                                       SIRENS GOES LIVE:   
                                                               We welcome you to the new and improved SIRENS OF CINEMA Web Site. We hope
                                                               you enjoy the new look and site as we are very excited about the future of Sirens and
                                                               hope you'll come along for the ride. Feel free to browse around the site and get a feel for
                                                               what we have in store for you in the very near future. Keep coming back and checking
                                                               us out often as we have some very cool things in store.

        04/18/05                                       SIRENS REBORN:       
                                                               SIRENS OF CINEMA has been sold to RAK Media Group, Inc. The new management
                                                               team has some big things in store for the magazine. They wish to keep the dream that
                                                               Hugh started here at SOC alive, but also intend to expand upon that vision. We feel
                                                               you will be very happy with the new version of SIRENS and expect to have it back in
                                                               circulation very soon. Stay tuned!

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