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      For deadlines, current rates and circulation figures contact our Advertising
      Department via E-mail at:

    Ad Specifications
(All sizes are Width x Height)     
     Trim size: 8.375 x 10.875
     For bleeding ads, it is suggested that all sensitive content be kept .25" away from trim.

    Ad Size:
     Spread: 17 x 11.125 with bleed (Keep all sensitive material out of the center of the ad-the fold of the finished magazine.)
     Full Page: 7.375 x 9.875 (8.625 x 11.125 for full bleed)
     Half Page: 7.375 x 4.875
     1/3 Vertical: 2.375 x 9.875
     1/3 Square: 4.875 x 4.875
     1/4 Horizontal: 7.375 x 2.375
     1/6 Vertical: 2.375 x 4.875
     1/6 Horizontal: 4.875 x 2.375

All prices are quoted for full color!

    Submitting your ad:
Our magazines are delivered digitally to the printers, therefore we only accept advertising in digital form. FILM IS NOT      ACCEPTED! If you are unable to deliver your ad via disk, CD or the Internet, send us a clean hard copy that we can scan.
     We will put it on disk free of charge.

     Preferred files from either Macintosh or PC:
Graphics saved as tif or eps (no jpg files). Contone images should be 300 dpi. Bitmap images should be 1200 dpi.
     Press quality PDF, QuarkXPress, Pagemaker, InDesign, Photoshop (tif & eps), Illustrator and Freehand.
     NO Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, or DCS files accepted!
     We accept files on 100 mb Zip drives, CD Rom, DVD, or your ad can be e-mailed to us at:

    We will layout your ad for you:
Send us your photos and text with a general idea of how you wish your ad to be laid out. For an additional 20%
     of your ad cost we will prepare your ad for you. We can send a proof of the ad to you via e-mail (pdf file) or via fax to
     allow you to check for any errors or corrections.

    Reserve your space:
It is in your best interest to reserve your advertising spot as space is limited. A 25% deposit will guarantee your
     advertising space as long as we receive both the ad and full payment by ad deadline.

Full payment must be received when you submit your advertisement. We accept checks or money orders (payable to

    Sending your ad:
If sending via the Internet please send to:

     If sending via Mail, FedEx or UPS send to: RAK Media Group, Inc. 1008 Waterville Ct. Dyer, IN 46311

     NOTE: All advertising copy must be suitable for general audiences. We cannot display any nudity or advertising with strong      sexual content. RAK Media Group Inc. reserves the right to refuse any advertising it feels unacceptable.



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